The Truth About Koi Fish Ponds

Koi Fish PondsAre you planning on setting up a koi fish pond? If so, you must first consider where you would like to install the pond. You must select a location that will be conducive for your prized fish.

Koi fish have been around for centuries. These exotic fish add beauty to homes and excitement to thousands of homeowners. Some homeowners even benefit from the increased home market value that koi fish ponds provide.

Size is the first factor that you should focus on if you decide to proceed with this project. Larger ponds require less maintenance. A large pond provides an environment of optimum health for the fish and it is also good for people that do not have time to devote for daily upkeep. Learn more about best way to care for a koi fish pond during winter months.

Have you decided to hire a professional? Make sure that you receive five or six estimates. This will help you get the best price. You should also ask for several references. This will help you avoid companies that have a reputation for poor construction.

Have you decided to tackle that job yourself? You can successfully install the pond if you follow certain steps and procedures. There are books and kits that can assist you in establishing a healthy pond for your fish. The kit will have a pump that recycles the entire pond water at least once or several times per day.

You must fill up your pond with water after the hole is dug and the equipment is installed. It won’t be a problem in using tap water, but you will need to add an additive to the water in order to eliminate harsh chemicals such as chlorine. Failing to perform this step can be hazardous to your fish. You should allow your pond to sit for at least one week. This helps the water to mature and age.

Now it’s time to introduce your fish to the pond. Experts advise only introducing two to three fish to a newly established habitat. These fish will be a test for your water. It will be a green light to introduce more fish if the tester fish survive for the first few days.

This entire project can be completed for around five to eight hundred dollars. This is not that bad when you consider the prices of other home projects such as pool installation. Let’s examine a few other points that you should keep in mind during the process of installation and maintenance..