A Closer Look Into Cold Brew Coffee Pros and Cons

If you are already a lover of using the wonderful French Press, then read on for some interesting tips in using it to cold brew your coffee! If you are not, then consider the French Press as a wonderful choice to custom brew your coffee because it provides a more delicious flavor and aroma. And how does that happen, you might ask? Well, the French Press has the capability to brew without filters, so it does leave the essential oils of the coffee beans in the final brew product, making it even more flavorful and delicious as a result. Brilliant!

If you’re hankering for a cold cup of Joe to create an iced coffee with on a hot summer day, then you may have considered the option of cold brewing your coffee. This is a wonderful idea, and there are many methods in which to do so, including the use of cold brewing coffee into the syrup form and allowing it to develop its flavors more fully by being stored in your refrigerator. Otherwise, you do have the option to conveniently create the same effect with the use of your French Press. check out this guide for more details.

All you have to do is place the amount of coffee grounds that you would normally use in your French Press. Remember that they do need to be coarsely ground, which is ideal for the use in a French Press. Then you can add the same amount of cold water that you would normally add to your French Press brewer. Stir this mixture well, and then allow it to sit for up to 12 hours overnight in your refrigerator. This will cause the beans to extract within the cold water, and it will create a delicious cold brew.

After that, all you have to do is pour yourself a cup of Joe and enjoy as usual! However, you do need to take into account that this is a brew method that involves some time and preparation, so it may be a great idea to prepare this in the evening before you go to bed so that you can have cold coffee on hand in the morning to create some iced Java.

The main difference that you will notice with this French Press method of cold brewing is the consistency in the coffee product. With your average drip brew coffee maker, the coffee is much lighter. When you use the French Press brewing method, the coffee product will be richer and thicker, almost similar to a large mug of espresso. Of course, it is not as strong and bitter as espresso, but it does have a fuller body with a deeper taste because of the essential oils collected in the brew. This coffee does contain more caffeine because it is a fuller brew product, and the coffee grounds also have more time to steep during the brew process. This is a smooth, bold, and delicious cup of Joe that you will love to enjoy even more when it is cold!