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Important Information Regarding Sign Company

It might seem rather self-serving for us to offer advice on how to select sign companies. But what we would like to put forward is based on what customers have told us over the years, not what we think stacks up in our favor when talking to the others. First, how confident do they sound? You may feel like you are taking a risk-what if you get a lousy sign? So do your contacts representing their respective companies sound like they know what they are talking about, or do they seem to hedge with their answers? Pay attention to clues that indicate a lack of confidence.

Also, do those companies have lots of examples of great work that they can show you? Do they post lots of examples on their web sites? All worth their salt should have lots of examples of their accomplishments with signs.

Good ones should have a wide range of experience with different material and media. We have heard lots of stories where certain firms have never worked with flat-cut metals for lobby signs for example, or had never worked with open neon. This should be a red flag because you want your sign company to suggest what is best for you based on a wide range of what they are capable of doing.Have a look at for more info on this.

Years in business is another important gauge. We are just now emerging from a long and painful recession. The fact that certain firms have survived is a strong and important testament to them. Those that have survived the last five years demonstrate that they have a strong and loyal customer base that has helped them get through. It also says that they are competitive, and can offer you the best in the industry.

Another important indicator is whether they genuinely take an interest in your needs or just seem like they are trying to get a sale. The best professionals, sign companies included, are truly interested in you and your needs.

Finally, it is always good to check out the sign companies’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Any sign companies that have been in business for a long time with very few complaints definitely have something going for them, and that would be customer satisfaction.